How to Have Fun in Bangkok

Mah Boon Krong (MBK)

Mah Boon Krong (MBK)

Bangkok is a unique city. Not only do you have cheap food, great tourist attractions, but you have a sense of adventure. Bangkok isn’t just another city on the map. Its much more than that and I want to prove it to you!

Where in the world can you get a professional massage with a spa package for $7 – $12 USD? Absolutely no where but Thailand, Bangkok. You want a mud mask with cucumbers to help rejuvenate your skin, while getting a massage by a professional masseuse? Then Thailand, Bangkok is the city for you!

Once your finished up at the spa why not take to the Bangkok floating market? See traders and merchants selling away on their small boats in water. Its a sight like no other. You can also pick up plenty of fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and bread.

You can also find plenty of trinkets and other warez to buy. This market is huge and their isn’t another one like it in the world. It’s a must see for any tourist.

If the floating market doesn’t satisfy your appetite for goods, perhaps you should check out Mah Boon Krong (MBK). A enormous shopping center filled with just about anything you can think of. You want a new mobile phone for dirt cheap? Perhaps your a fashion addict and want to purchase some great fakes. Trust me, you won’t be able to tell the difference until you see the price tag (dirt cheap)!

Now what I’m about to mention next is for the single guys looking for a good time. Bars are everywhere and they contain some of the finest woman on Earth that will have you for only few dollars a night. I’m not joking when I say that most bars offer “companionship” of the highest quality. Not only are they willing to do anything, but they’ll give you the night of your life!

If bars aren’t your thing then maybe the night life is. Bangkok’s night life is just crazy. You have so many clubs to hop you won’t be able to count them all, and there are plenty of things to do. Music will vary, as will the cost of drinks and food, but you’ll enjoy yourself. Especially after a few drinks!

Bangkok is rocking and there isn’t another city on the planet like it. Once your there you just might not come back. So don’t be in a rush. Enjoy your life and enjoy all that Bangkok has to offer.

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